Beaches in the surrounding area!

6,7 κμ


Valtos Beach is one of the longest beaches of Parga. It is located near the castle of Parga. Because of its clear waters and proximity to the town it attracts many tourists. Kastro Point, which is located in the same beach, is popular among surfers due to its excellent surfing conditions. However, the level of skill required is high and the spot is best suited to more advanced surfers.



15,9 κμ


Lichnos Beach, one of the beaches of Parga, is located in western Greece 3 km from Parga and Spread in the area of 2 hectares



36,6 κμ

Alonaki Fanariou

Small, hidden and well tucked cove, with beautiful emerald sea and lots of natural shade in hot summer days. An oasis of natural beauty and peace.
There is enough space for parking near the beach, because it’s surrounded by woods.

There are no other facilities on this beach than one canteen where you can buy fast food and drinks. The sea is emerald and crystal clear, perfect for diving, especially along the rocks. The depth is gradual, and the coast and the bottom of the sea is pebbly.



36,6 κμ


Skala Beach is one of the “hidden” beaches in the area of Ammoudia. It’s just 4 km from the national road of Igoumenitsa – Preveza.

The road leading to the beach is paved except the last 100 meters that are located among the trees and end up in a place fit to park several cars.

The beach is fairly lower than parking in the woods. To get down you need to follow a short footpath a few meters and then descend about 35 steep stairs that will lead you to beach.



21,5 κμ

Agia Paraskevi

The most picturesque of Perdika’s beaches, it is found 1.7 km from the village on the road towards Sivota. Quaint and peaceful, with coarse sand and pebbles and clean, deep, crystal-clear water, it offers you a postcard-like view, as it is surrounded by olive trees, while the small island is in front of it and the small church of the same name is on its left . There are cafes, bars, restaurants and quite a few hotels.



19,8 κμ


Near the most well-known beaches of Perdika, Karavostasi and Arilla, you can find the small beach of Stavrolimenas. It is a natural, protected, lush green bay. It is a picturesque, small, quiet beach surrounded by olive trees and it has blue clear waters and white pebbles, which truly lead to a beautiful combination of sea blue and nature’s green